Adventure's Twisted Mind

Online Riddle


Welcome to my very first riddle!

After playing quite some online riddles, and the necessarily stimulation of a few friends, I decided to write down riddle ideas I got by playing other riddles, surfing on the net, or just by doing my things.

With having so many great riddles online, it's like almost impossible to make a really unique riddle nowadays. But still I have tried to be original as much as possible and to give common riddle methods some sort of twist or new look to add some challenge.  But it's not up to me to decide if I have succeeded, that's up to you.


The Rules:

  • To proceed to the next level you have to solve the riddle and put the answer in the url like this:
  • All answers will be in lowercase letters only, with no digits, spaces, punctuation marks, or other specific characters.
  • I never have put a picture in a level just for the fun.
  • Levels are never related, which means that your previous answer won't help you to solve a riddle. Some levels are connected, though. But in those cases this is always clearly mentioned.

To solve a level you'll need:

  • Google and Wikipedia, definitely!
  • Purple Hell or other sites with helpful online riddle tools.
  • To think logically, and use your riddle experiences.
  • Checking a picture's properties is very recommended!
  • Highlighting can be very useful, too! 
  • MS Paint in a few levels (Gimp or other similar programs can be used instead as well).

You don't need:

  • To check the source, unless something on the page suggests this.
  • To check pictures for hidden hints.
  • An exif reader.
  • Any sound manipulation software.


In theory all levels can be solved without any additional hints, but if this is also true in practice? I can't say for sure..  In anyway I will be around on the following sites to give hints when needed.


Of course I hope everyone will enjoy this riddle, but I will be already happy when only a few ppl do. So much for optimistic thinking.. Either way, please don't hesitate to give constructive feedback in the above mentioned forum threads, or feel free to send me a PM at the related forums.


Alright, enough blahblah . Let's START.


Hope to see you at the end!

~ Adventure ~